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An Official Alert from the Alliance

The Insurance Committee of the Alabama House of Representatives approved HB238 on Wednesday, March 6, with a unanimous voice vote. The bill now goes to the House calendar where it will await further action.

House Bill 238, sponsored by Rep. Phillip Rigsby (R-Huntsville) will impose a $10.64 fee on every single prescription dispensed in Alabama, costing employers and their employees millions of dollars each year.


Here are the critical points to consider:


INCREASED CONSUMER COSTS: The bill proposes an additional $10.64 fee on every prescription which means an estimated extra $275 per person annually or $1,100 for a family.


IGNORES THE CORE ISSUE: The bill fails to tackle the root problem – the exorbitant drug prices set by drug manufacturers.


IMPACT ON BUSINESSES: Alabama businesses will bear increased costs for providing prescription drug coverage and raising employee benefit costs.


This bill is NOT a solution. It’s a costly burden on consumers and employers.

We at AAHC are committed to fighting against policies that raise the cost and access to employer provided healthcare benefits.

We urge you to join us in voicing your  OPPOSITION  against House Bill 238!

  • HB238 will RAISE consumer costs for prescription drugs by a minimum estimated $275 per person per year.


  • This bill would include a $10.64 fee on every prescription in Alabama that would go directly to pharmacies.


  • HB238 will result in consumers paying MORE in monthly premiums and also at the pharmacy counter.


  • The bill does NOTHING to address the real problem with prescription costs – the actual price of the drug set by the manufacturer.


  • HB238 allows drug manufacturers to operate under a COST+ model, allowing them to raise drug prices that will be passed on to employers and their employees.


  • HB238 would create additional costs on employer provided healthcare plans putting coverage at risk and raising the cost to workers.


  • This bill increases cost to consumers with no additional quality or access to care.


  • HB238 is a renewed attempt by the pharmacy community to renew a laundry list of requests that the legislature has already rejected during negotiations.


  • The bill weakens consumer protection by limiting the ability of state regulators to investigate fraud, waste and abuse that costs consumers and insurers millions. HB238 enables the few “bad actor” pharmacies to do the wrong thing.


  • HB238 is bad for Alabama consumers…bad for Alabama patients and bad for Alabama employers.

Take Action Today!

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