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Government Mandates

A healthcare system centered more on individual liberty and personal responsibility and less government red tape, intrusions and mandates leads to lower costs for all Alabamians.


Mandates, by definition, increase the cost of healthcare. People are forced to pay for services they may not want or even need. The direct result is increased costs and decreased freedom. The Alliance believes the market should drive what services are covered, not the special interests. At the end of the day, these choices are best left to the people who have to pay for the coverage, not the government. The Alliance is committed to defending employees and employers when mandates are considered at the state level.


Generally speaking, employers oppose mandates because they require all customers to purchase a particular type of coverage that they may not want and for which the market has not shown a demand. This has the effect of raising everyone’s premiums in order to save money for the smaller group of people who actually want that coverage.

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