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Importance of Employer Provided Coverage

Employer-provided coverage delivers affordable access to care, effective ways to improve health outcomes, and financial security for more than 1.8 million lives across Alabama. From comprehensive health insurance coverage and income protection to dental and vision benefits, Alabamians have meaningful choices and control over the care and protection they receive through their work.


New survey findings released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) show that 67% of Americans are satisfied with their current employer-provided health coverage. In addition, 65% believe the quality of their plan is high, and 67% said their coverage provides them with financial peace of mind.


During this critical time when access to and information about healthcare is of primary importance, employer-provided plans are an essential resource for Alabamians in every corner of our state. Notably, 76% of those with employer-provided coverage agree that their plan “provides access to quality doctors, hospitals, and clinics” as well as “covers preventive services like screening and vaccines.” Similarly, 71% reported “it is easy to use my insurance” and “I understand the benefits and services covered by my plan.”

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